Denmark: high demand for fast deliveries

Denmark: high demand for fast deliveries

Denmark - Key e-commerce indicators: Internet penetration 98%, E-commerce consumers: 88%, E-commerce consumers abroad: 75%, Average yearly purchase: EUR 850, Shopped online more often due to coronavirus: 19%
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Like the rest of the Nordic region, Denmark has a well-developed e-commerce market and a population with a good grasp of digital technology. In Denmark, 75 percent of the population state that they make cross-border online purchases. This trend can also be seen in the country’s top three most visited marketplaces:, and

Another German market participant is Zalando, who account for about ten percent of online fashion retailing in Denmark. Proximity to Germany likely makes it easier for Danish consumers to shop from German e-commerce sites – especially Amazon. There are also significant domestic e-retailers, such as Saxo, an online bookstore, and Nemlig, an online grocery shop. Danish consumers are accustomed to receiving their e-commerce goods quickly and conveniently, likely because the country has well-developed logistics infrastructure, as well as being small in size. The Danes therefore place higher demands on quick deliveries compared to their Scandinavian neighbors.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link