Coronavirus pandemic drives online grocery shopping

Coronavirus pandemic drives online grocery shopping

Diagram. Percentage of shoppers who bought groceries online during the corona pandemic who did not do so previously. Spain 30%, France 22%, UK 20%, Italy 20%, Sweden 14%, Denmark 14%, Finland 11%, Poland 10%, Netherlands 10%, Germany 10%, Belgium 10%, Norway 9%.
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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in many ways, and e-commerce is definitely no exception. The latest report “E-commerce in Europe 2020” shows that a lot of consumers have done more online shopping since the outbreak of the pandemic. They also shop for different types of products compared to before.

The product categories that respondents state they bought online the most because of the pandemic include fashion, groceries, and pharmacy goods. While online shopping for fashion has always been very popular, groceries and pharmacy goods are two notable newcomers. Food in particular has very high sales figures in certain countries.

In Spain, as many as 30 percent say they shopped online for groceries because of the pandemic, followed by 22 percent for France, and 20 percent for both Italy and the UK. The common denominator for these countries is that they all were hit relatively hard by the pandemic. At the same time, consumers in less affected countries have shopped online for other types of goods such as fashion and home electronics.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link