Consumer-driven logistics 2 of 6: driving forces and challenges

Consumer-driven logistics 2 of 6: driving forces and challenges

Part 2 of 6
This is the second recommendation, out of six, that can help form the view of how consumer-driven logistics should be developed in order to strengthen the consumer’s buying experience. Part 1 was published 18 September.

Offer a choice: low cost, speed or exact timing

Customer in control of delivery optionsThe experience of the delivery should match the experience prior to purchase. For the consumer, delivery options mean a choice between speed, exact timing and cost. Freedom of choice, speed of delivery and timing are factors that determine whether a purchase is made. For most shoppers, purchases are not so urgent that express delivery is worth paying extra for. However, many consumers like to specify a specific delivery time at a particular place or in a particular manner to suit their daily routine. Not for much longer can e-tailers offer delivery within a broad span of 3 to 6 days. This will not be acceptable to a large number of consumers.

Consumers also want to know – at the time of purchase – how delivery speed and exact timing affect the price. They want to understand in advance what they are buying and paying for in terms of delivery, and regardless of what delivery option finally is chosen, consumers need to know at the time of purchase what the available choices are and what they will cost.

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link

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